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Tuesday, June 25, 2024

School board’s motion anti-American

If you didn't laugh, then you don't know Madison. Last Monday, a devious outfit, which we will refer to as the Madison Metropolitan School District Board, passed a motion that discouraged the Pledge of Allegiance and forced the Madison public schools to play an instrumental version of the national anthem. Today they will reconsider their decision because their foolish action was met with well-deserved scorn. 




A source close to Ray Allen, a school board member who did not vote on the motion, said Allen has been inundated with calls 'overwhelmingly from Madison' and 'overwhelmingly for the pledge.' People have even approached Allen on the street, asking him to vote for the pledge. But it's not just Madison that thinks we're crazy; this story was examined (and ridiculed) in the national arena when Rush Limbaugh, among others, brought it to the country's attention. Since then, our city has been flooded with complaints from other states.  




With 92 percent of the American people supporting President Bush, Madison sticks out as the sour dissident who wants to make a scene. Similar to when the South fought for 'states' rights,' Madison is fighting for 'city's rights.' By its actions, it has told us time and time again that it wants to secede from the state of Wisconsin, as well as the rest of the United States. A man who wrote in to the Wisconsin State Journal said people outside of the city are trying to 'deprive us of our right to self-determination.' (To put this man in perspective, I must add that he refers to popular radio show host Limbaugh as 'the power of darkness.') As long as this city continues its fight for 'city's rights,' you're going to see people avoid this place. The parallels to the South are astounding. When South Carolina stubbornly fought for the Confederate flag, people simply boycotted them. Likewise, Madison will have to make its own sacrifices.  




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The Pledge of Allegiance is an affirmation of our loyalty to our country. It does not endorse any religion. People have objected to it because they say it promotes (God forbid) nationalism, militarism and religion. If ever there was a time to stand united and pledge allegiance, now is the time. How on Earth can we fight a war if people are disinterested or apathetic about our nation? When our parents, siblings and friends are putting their lives on the line for all of us in a region where the people shout and want 'Death to America,' the minimum we can do is stand for the pledge. If our armed forces are to defend our country well, they will need our support. They do not need to hear about the city of Madison quibbling over whether to say the pledge. If you have a problem with it, then stand up and don't say it. However, the anti-pledge crowd has no right to deprive people of their First Amendment right to say the pledge. Small complaints like the fear of coercion and peer pressure do not justify depriving the majority from exercising their rights. People who are nervous about it need to stop whining and deal with it. 




Our state senators and representatives signed a law which mandates that students in schools across the state say the pledge or sing the national anthem every day. The Madison School Board, which desperately wants to avoid anything 'American' per se, decided Monday its schools should offer the anthem without words. According to 36 United States Code Section 170, the national anthem, 'The Star-Spangled Banner,' 'consist[s] of the words and music.' In other words, playing the music alone is not going to cut it. 




So where do we find these ridiculous people? Two members, Ruth Robarts and Shwaw Vang, even went so far as to say that the motion did not go far enough. The others (Carol Carstensen, Bill Keys and Calvin Williams) were evidently satisfied with saving us from the wretched words of the pledge and anthem. In the scheme of things, though, their vote doesn't matter, because this city is a comical deviation from the norm. You have only to leave the city limits before you see a plethora of American flags proudly displayed and signs that say, 'God bless America.' 




So listen up, Madison. In spite of what you want, this country was founded firmly with Judeo-Christian values. The citizens of this country have voted, and they want the pledge, with 'under God' and everything. 




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