Record Routines

Madison group The Racing Pulses injects the alt-rock genre with fresh sound

Five years ago, recent UW-Madison graduate Kristian Iliev was sitting in his high school English teacher’s homeroom. On the other side of the room rested an acoustic guitar that seemed to call out to him. On a whim, Iliev picked up the guitar and began working on a simple chord progression that would eventually become the foundation for his song, “Mrs. Supernova.” When it came time for lyrics, Iliev said the rugged progression needed something equally as raunchy. Inspired by the quirky lyrics of ZZ Top, the track was one of the first pieces put out by The Racing Pulses. READ MORE

Summer Arts Preview: Records

Summer returns in cycles. Whether or not we connect most with ourselves during the summer, music has always been a platform of change. Like many artists looking to reinvent their image around this time, ...