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Technology paramount for former Badger Berggren in maintaining family ties

On a typical night, Jared Berggren will come home from practice to be greeted by his wife, Cass, and their baby daughter, a welcome sight at the end of a long day. There’s nothing particularly novel about Berggren spending time with his daughter, just eight months old, and his wife of over three years. But these days, Berggren’s family time happens in a unique fashion, that cuts across transatlantic lines and couldn’t have been replicated even a decade ago. “I’m pretty much FaceTiming with my wife and daughter every morning and every night, so it gives you a little taste of home,” he said. Berggren, a Wisconsin basketball alumnus, currently plays for the Shinshu Brave Warriors of Japan, and technology has been paramount in connecting him to his family back in the United States. Berggren’s stint in Japan is not his first overseas, as he’s played in Belgium and Italy as well. READ MORE