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GOP needs better talent in 2nd District

(11/03/10 1:00am)

One more round of midterm elections is in the books, and it was a sweeping victory for Republicans nationwide. While the GOP victory may not have been as dominant as many had projected, the Republicans were still able to take the U.S. House of Representatives, grab a lion's share of the country's governorships and oust Democratic senate stalwarts, including Wisconsin's own Russ Feingold. But here in Wisconsin's 2nd Congressional District, Democratic Representative Tammy Baldwin didn't even flinch.

Scott Resnick for Dist. 8

(02/13/11 12:00am)

Every two years, Madison city government refreshes itself with elections for seats in its Common Council. Sometimes these elections are trivial — see Madison's District 4, which very well might be represented by Mike Verveer until the apocalypse, and possibly afterward. But other districts, such as campus-area District 8, serve as wonderful laboratories for democracy, with competitive races in almost every election cycle.

Student needed on ALRC

(10/23/09 1:00am)

 As should be plainly obvious to anybody glancing at today's opinion page, this past Tuesday Madison's Alcohol License Review Committee rejected a proposal by District 8 Ald. Bryon Eagon to create a permanent student position on the ALRC. The proposal had previously been approved by the Common Council Organizational Committee, a body akin to the Committee on Rules in the state Legislature.

New study shows ""Fox & Friends"" doesn't care about knowledge

(02/26/10 12:00am)

A couple of weeks ago, The Daily Cardinal crafted a week-long feature for the opinion page dedicated to science education in America. We took a look at how science is shaped in the mind-grapes of America's adolescents, from pre-school all the way up to Calculus 222. One of the key points we emphasized throughout the week was the need for more people to think like scientists, to stop taking things at face value and actually dig and experiment to find the truth.

Dems' NBP stance vague, disappointing

(05/01/11 1:00am)

Mike Mikalsen and I don't agree on much. Mikalsen, the research assistant and lead strategist for state Rep. Steve Nass, R-Whitewater, has played a central role in Nass' work as the main thorn in the side of UW-Madison. So as I spoke with Mikalsen over the phone last week concerning the proposed New Badger Partnership, it was no surprise that I disagreed with much of what he said.