Petit Biscuit features ambient sounds, maturity on debut album

Though he is new to the music scene, Petit Biscuit proves to be a noteworthy artist in the electronic music genre.

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Petit Biscuit released his debut album, Presence, this past Friday. Though he is most known for his song “Sunset Lover,” which boasts over 226 million plays on Spotify, Petit Biscuit displays an advanced sound on his new album, which features 14 tracks — almost entirely new releases. With collaborations from fellow producers Lido, SONIA and Bipolar Sunshine, Presence offers a creative mix of electronic melodies from all the featured artists.

At only 18 years of age, Petit Biscuit, whose real name is Mehdi Benjelloun, has managed to launch himself into the forefront of electronic music. Despite his youth, Presence demonstrates that he is capable of creating sounds that can take other artists years to master. With a similar style to Odesza, Jai Wolf and Zedd, Petit Biscuit knows the exact audience he is trying to reach. Because of his niche production of delicate background vocals and soothing beats, Presence easily stands out as one of the better albums released within the genre.

The album itself is reminiscent of its title, creating sounds that have the listener dreaming of floating in the clouds. It almost encourages listeners to stop and truly enjoy the album in its entirety, making it fit for a long road trip or a lazy day spent at home. Though the album has some older releases, including “Sunset Lover” and “Gravitation,” it is the new songs that truly represent how far Petit Biscuit has come as a producer.

Though all of the songs somewhat blend together in an ambient flow from one track to the next, there are several that stand out. “Beam” is a combination of crooning vocals and light piano chords; a smooth beat overlays the instrumentals, letting listeners breath in the warmth of the music. “Follow Me” has a similar sound, though Petit Biscuit slows down the vocals and beat to create a more melodic feel. With the sound of string instruments and indistinguishable vocals, “Follow Me” appears to be the culmination of Petit Biscuit’s personal sound.

“Wake Up,” featuring Bipolar Sunshine, is one of the more lively songs on Presence, with lyrics like, “Feels like the come and go, you know I’m here to stay/What if you said the words you really meant to say/ That's wishful thinking.” The upbeat vocals and heavier bass bring the song together, mixing of pop and electronic tones that sounds more original than other familiar attempts.

All in all, Petit Biscuit displays his maturity as an artist despite his young age. Presence is an ambient and laid back album, creating a soft atmosphere to listener’s ears. Some tracks do sound similar, but the entirety of the album is much more unique than other electronic albums that have recently been released. Though he is knew on the scene, Petit Biscuit deserves recognition for his efforts in the industry.

Grade: A

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