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Langdon Street hotel scores entertainment license

The Edgewater will now be able to hold live outdoor music and events.

Image By: Jon Yoon

Amid controversy, Madison city council members approved an entertainment license Tuesday for the Edgewater hotel, with set limits on the number of events per year and sound levels.

The hotel, which is located off Langdon Street on the shore of Lake Mendota, will be able to hold live outdoor music and events under the license under certain conditions — the number of events cannot exceed 35 per year and the noise level cannot exceed 70 decibels at street level.

The Alcohol License Review Committee recommended the proposal in September, which received criticism from neighbors of the hotel. Residents of the area regularly call in complaints, and several have testified and called the noise “intrusive.”

The councilperson representing the area surrounding the Edgewater, Ledell Zellers, said she supports licensing the hotel’s events despite concerns from the area’s residents.

“I do want the Edgewater to be successful ... even though I do know there are some constituents of mine that would like to see no entertainment license for the Edgewater,” Zellers said. “They are suffering ... Their quality of life is suffering.”

Zellers proposed a limitation of 15 outdoor events per year, which the city council denied.

Edgewater employees and members of its management also testified in favor of the hotel’s right to hold concerts and events for the community. Amy Supple, Edgewater senior vice president and chief operating officer, said they have worked with the ALRC to “find a common ground” regarding the conditions of the license.

The license will be reconsidered in June 2018 during the regular renewal process. 

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