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Homeless man brutally beats woman who opened her downtown home to him

A homeless man allegedly battered a woman in her West Gilman Street apartment early this month after she allowed him to stay with her.

Police arrested William M. Grunwald, 60, after he reportedly attacked a 43-year-old woman in her apartment Oct. 7 on the 100 block of West Gilman St, Madison Police Department Public Information Officer Joel DeSpain said Wednesday in an incident report.

Grunwald faces tentative charges of substantial battery, bail jumping and impeding breathing by pressure on the throat.

The victim told police she allowed the suspect to stay in her home occasionally because he identified as homeless, according to DeSpain.

The suspect suddenly became violent one night, allegedly smashing her head against the walls, knocking her down, putting his boot on her throat and stomping on her chest multiple times.

“She feared he was trying to kill her,” DeSpain said in the report.

The woman was able to flee her apartment and run to seek help.

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