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ASM to change rule Council has ignored in past

Vice Chair Billy Welsh was acting chair Tuesday night where the body introduced a bylaw change that would change the timeline for when legislation can be voted on.

Image By: Jon Yoon

Student Council may be able to vote on resolutions at the same meeting that they’re being introduced if the body passes a new piece of legislation next week.

The proposed legislation would strike an Associated Students of Madison bylaw that states the body must have a two-thirds vote to suspend this rule.

Although the body historically does not follow this bylaw, Student Judiciary is now enforcing it after a recent lawsuit on divestment. 

At the final Student Council meeting for the 23rd session, the body took up new divestment legislation and was voted on in that same meeting.

However — because Student Council didn’t vote on whether to suspend the rules for an overall vote on the legislation at the same meeting it was introduced — the petitioners alleged that the body did not follow the bylaw. Student Judiciary agreed in their opinion, citing the meeting minutes as evidence that the vote didn’t take place.

With SJ’s enforcement, resolutions must now be introduced at one meeting and voted on at the following meeting. However, Outreach Director Yogev Ben-Yitschak pointed out that the two or three week time frame could serve as a hurdle for those who want to advance their campaigns.

Student Council will vote on the legislation at their next meeting.

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