Darling so it goes

i like the ocean because of its rhythms
there’s something about the tide
that is comforting.
like you, the ocean only knows how to love in waves

there’s some days
—oh honey some days I’m over the moon
shackled by your electricity, but i don’t mind
then you kiss me and i’m on another planet

 then your eyes stop meeting mine
your hand pulls away as you reach for another
—i wish you listened more
like you, the ocean only knows how to love in waves

you’ve started a fire in me
i pulse to the beat of you
your lips taste like spring and i never want to stop waking up
even if we were on another planet baby--i will always be able to find you

the days when you don’t touch me are the worst
and i tattoo your lies across my skin
so that i can feel something even though those hurt the most
you and the ocean only know how to love in waves

all of my light lives in you
you danced it away while you bit my neck
some days baby i think this is it :
i’ve found you in a whole universe of distractions

i don’t remember myself without you
but some days i think you see right through me
and i feel my insides melt and my mascara slide off my face
i wish you didn’t only know how to love in waves

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