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UW-Madison loses Paul Peercy, former Dean of the College of Engineering

Former Dean of the UW-Madison College of Engineering, Paul Peercy, served the university from 1999 until 2013.

Image By: Courtesy of UW-Madison

Former Dean of the UW-Madison College of Engineering, Paul Peercy, passed away Thursday at age 75.

Peercy served as dean of the university from 1999 until 2013.

During his time on campus, Peercy focused on ways to expand engineering education. He founded the Engineering Undergraduate Learning Center to provide additional help for undergraduate students.

Prior to being a faculty member for UW-Madison, Peercy spent 27 years in New Mexico working at the Sandia National Laboratories with microelectronics and photonics and established a national presence in engineering.

He served as chairman for the American Society for Engineering Education and remained an active member beyond his retirement.

Peercy and his wife, Cathy, started the Dean Emeritus Paul S. and Catherine B. Peercy Undergraduate Tutoring Fund which provides $5,000 to an outstanding tutor in the Engineering Undergraduate Learning Center.

“Engineering is where science meets society,” Peercy once said.

He encouraged innovative and diverse teaching techniques to educate students’ technical experience to better prepare them as engineers in the real world.

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