Autograf hits Madison

One of the best things about concerts is discovering new artistry and the potential that lies in the next best thing. Autograf reminds me of the self-preservation that comes with making and crafting an exquisite piece of work. Their music is much more than instrumental; something about their music touches the soul.

Autograf’s music is precise. Wednesday’s show didn’t begin until the midnight hour, but the wait in itself was worth the while. Goldroom opened the show around 10:30 p.m. and they did it on a humble note. Their music was raw with intimate electronic pop, while their connection to each other on stage was evident. One thing that hasn’t changed from Goldroom’s show in Atlanta to Madison is their passion for music. Lead singer, Josh Legg stated at the beginning of the show, “We don’t care if we’re playing for 20,000 or 20 people. It’s about the music.”

There’s something very tangible about the way Goldroom’s music transcends levels. With a few wine glasses on stage and a building tempo, Goldroom opened their show with “Silhouette,” an upbeat groove about love and neglect. Goldroom’s high energy and constant delivery kept the crowd intimate and full. “Underwater,” is a reflective escape with powerful vocals. The chorus catches waves on “Back To You,” a lively return to the inner-self. Goldroom is a guided sound of strength in, “Teenage Waste,” a heavy-based ballad. “Spread Love,” is an exclusive for the night and creates unity on and off the stage.

The night was light, but the music didn’t leave; Autograf was up next. “Future Soup,” their latest EP release, features five new tracks and visual pieces. As the stage emptied and new instruments were brought on, the late hour didn’t seem to put any strain on the crowd or Autograf. The music flowed effortlessly from beginning to end. “Don’t Worry,” has become a signature hit for the trio band and it carries a message everywhere. Taking into consideration how difficult it has become to trust or exist in our country, “Don’t Worry” reminded me and the rest of the audience to let it all go, at least for the moment.

As I looked around and distantly connected myself to the audience, I realized the generation of the future is here, in this moment, in this concert or the next. “Slow Burn,” a personal favorite and repeated track, is millennial and a constant shift. Like Autograf, it’s never the same and it’s enlightening. The search for love is a quick breath after the first kiss on “Metaphysical,” a vocally and musically dense track that fills the dance floor with the bass alone. The crowd drew in closer as their set came to a close. Autograf proclaimed their admiration and appreciation for their fans, ending on a high note.

The night featured a strong line-up of two electronic bands with a bright future ahead. Goldroom and Autograf successfully brought the basis of music and artistry back together, even to areas like Madison, Wis. There is something different about making a lasting piece of work as opposed to just a song, and Autograf has mastered it. Autograf brings the process back to the work. Their approach on music and visual art is piercing and comes alive on stage. Needless to say, Autograf will continue to impact the world, by simply being themselves and leaving their mark on the world, while changing the electronic music scene in the best possible way.

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