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Thursday, June 08, 2023



Conservative policies not good selling points

The state elections on Tuesday were a resounding success for Democrats. Ralph Northam beat out Republican opponent Ed Gillespie for Virginia in a 9-point victory, and Republicans lost at least 14 seats in the House of Delegates which could potentially cause the majority to shift to Democrats.

Daily Cardinal

Sex-ed in America should focus on female strength

Sexual education in the United States is massively flawed. Our reliance upon sex-negative and abstinence-only sex education is not an effective tool for teenagers and young adults who are navigating sexual relationships for the first time. As a country, we do not give our youth the knowledge they need to succeed when it comes to avoiding the transmission of sexually transmitted infections, or unplanned pregnancy. According to Advocates for Youth, U.S.

Gov. Scott Walker’s plans to maintain the current UW System tuition freeze if re-elected in November could mean program cuts and longer time to graduation for students, lawmakers warn.

College learning extends beyond the lecture hall

We are only a month into the semester, but already the days have started to blur together. Syllabus week came and went and summer feels like a distant memory while winter break only exists as a time beyond our scheduled final exams. As a student, this can be a bleak time of year.

Campus carry

Letter to the Editor: Cocks not Glocks helps address campus carry

At the risk of henceforth being known as the campus dildo girl, I am inviting all Badgers to attend the Bonerfide Penis Arts Festival. The festival is being organized with Cocks Not Glocks UW-Madison in response to a visit by the pro-gun activist Katie Pavlich.  As a student concerned about gun violence, especially when a campus carry bill is on the verge of passing (allowing someone to carry a firearm into classrooms, dormitories, or Camp Randall), Pavlich’s invitation to spread misinformation has very read risks.  For example, Pavlich encourages women to carry firearms to prevent sexual assault, despite overwhelming data confirming that women are more likely to have their guns taken and used against them.


Thoughts and prayers are simply not enough in wake of the Las Vegas shooting

We all know what happened in Las Vegas last Sunday. I believe that, deep down, we also all know what needs to be done about it to lessen the possibility of such a tragedy occurring again, and again, and again, as it always seems to do. Acceptance of a problem is the first step to solving it, yet despite this fact, many in our country feel more attached to their firearms than to basic morals. The gun culture in this country is pervasive, toxic and extremely deadly. It allows people like Stephen Paddock to commit acts of domestic terrorism and mass murder, who cling to not one or two guns for reasonable purposes like for sustainable sport or recreation, or for the feeling of self-protection, but feel the insane need to own an arsenal of 43 weapons, including assault rifles. Like after Orlando, Sandy Hook and so many of these events before, people are taking to social media and conversations in their daily life to offer their thoughts and prayers. These are great, don’t get me wrong, but they are not enough. There are integral pieces missing from these discussions.

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