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Thursday, June 08, 2023



Ryan and Johnson ramp up absurd FBI attacks

Although the State of the Union did not mention it, the state of the special counsel’s investigation into possible Russian collusion with the Trump campaign is in peril. While former FBI director Robert Mueller presses onwards, Republican congressmen, including Wisconsin’s Paul Ryan and Ron Johnson, have attempted to undermine the validity of the investigation in ways that are clearly misleading and shocking to those paying attention. Republicans in the House Intelligence Committee voted to release a memo from its chairman, Rep.

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Trump's censorship is authoritative, harmful

Fetus . Diversity. Transgender. Vulnerable. Entitlement. Science-based. Evidence-based.  These are all words that the Trump administration has chosen to ban from the budget proposals of the Center for Disease Control. While the Department of Health and Human Services claims that no list of banned words exists, it is easy to understand the implication directed towards CDC employees: there may not be an official list, but using those particular words in your proposals will get you in trouble. CDC employees who like their jobs will undoubtedly refrain from putting these newly proclaimed buzz-words in their reports.  Censorship of science and facts is a step toward dictatorship and the banning of these particular words will result in extreme harm to our nation’s health, as well as the repression of knowledge regarding such health.

The proposed dining plan will discourage students from living in UW housing.

Letter to the editor: New meal plan does not make dining more transparent, is unfair to low-income students

As a resident and a House Fellow, the residence halls were foundational in my social and academic college experience. With nearly all first-year students living on campus, Housing helps form intimate communities to contrast the enormity of the University and brings together students from all academic, regional and ideological backgrounds to an unstructured social setting — a phenomenon not found elsewhere at the school to such significance. With how critical a role Housing plays in campus life, I am concerned about how the mandatory Dining deposit will impact low-income students access to our state’s public flagship university.


Letter to the Editor: College Republicans avoid real issues to mock fellow student

This past week’s news headlines highlighted stories such as major sexual assault allegations and the House Republicans passing a dangerous tax plan, yet the College Republicans of UW-Madison chose to dedicate their “CR’s Newsflash” vlog about a tweet. Not about one of the countless tweets made by President Trump irrationally insulting Kim Jong-un, threatening a nuclear war, or spewing blatantly false facts.


Mass shootings will not end until better gun control enacted

Gun control doesn’t work!” Except for in Australia, Scotland and Japan... The recent shootings we have experienced show that gun violence is a uniquely American problem and it’s time to stop pretending that consistent mass shootings are “unavoidable.” By extension, it’s time to recognize that we need stricter gun control.

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