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Sunday, March 03, 2024



What Warren's presidency would have meant to me

Liz Warren was young once. Liz Warren was considered “poor,” once. I’m the beneficiary of a full Pell grant, so me too. Our stories have a similar beginning, who knows if they will have a similar end. All I know is that beyond policy or party, it has been a tremendous honor to support her over the past few months. And even though it is hard to imagine that her campaign is ending despite so much promise, nevertheless, we persist. 


The Pitfalls of Patriotism: A country-wide binding force or a dividing line?

Patriotism is an understanding that a perfect country really does not exist. Such an understanding promotes critical discourse, but also ensures in the failure of fear mongering. This is not a dismissal of threats but an understanding that paranoia can be destructive, often serving as yet another reason for justification of hate crimes on people that do not fit the existing, flawed mold.

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Even as we grieve, we need to hold Kobe Bryant accountable

As we grieve the loss of Kobe Bryant, remember all the good he did. Remember the jaw-dropping games and the heart-breaking images of him and his family. Remember the Bryant you knew and loved, but don’t let this element of his past fade away. Remember it as tangibly as you remember his winning shots. Hold him accountable. You’d want Bryant’s assault case remembered if you were that young, impressionable 19-year-old girl. 


Are we fulfilling the Wisconsin Idea?

We should continue the great work Badgers past and present have done for our prized Dairy State, and push it a step further. We should flock to the polls, pay attention to what is happening city-wide, and if we decide to leave to go on to other cities and states, leave behind a legacy worth being proud of that isn’t a resume or GPA. 

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Student phone numbers are sensitive information and should be protected under FERPA

Considering the technological advancements of the world in the last 45 years or so, phone numbers of students enrolled in American postsecondary institutions should be protected under FERPA as non-directory information. A public database has many useful applications, especially at a large institution like UW, but the database could be established with wisc emails alone. 

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