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Wednesday, February 01, 2023

Life & Style


Brandy Melville lacks clothing size diversity

Comfortable. Cozy. Soft. Trendy. Casual. Stylish. Cute. These are all words that my peers replied with when I asked them about the popular female clothing brand, Brandy Melville. This brand has gained an insane amount of popularity in the last year. The products are, in my opinion, just as described—a socially acceptable way to wear pajamas outside.

Internet Girl

Internet radio does what music blogging never could

“Are you sick of this sh*t yet?” reads the first sentence of Pitchfork’s “Top 10 Albums of 1999” article published in 2001. “...Let's not forget the New York Times' incredibly out- of- touch list of the 25 best albums of all time. (One word: No.)” The introduction reads like an angry college student madly pounding at their keyboard, more concerned with establishing a flippant attitude towards mainstream music journalism than introducing a list for the best albums of the year. A Pitchfork article beginning in such a manner in the year 2015 would raise eyebrows with its complete lack of professionalism, yet it was this exact attitude that propelled the website into the cornerstone for independent music journalism that so many regard it as today.


Crowd dances to ODESZA’s EDM beats at the Orpheum

It doesn’t seem too difficult a feat anymore for DJs, dubstep artists or electronic dance music creators to get a crowd to move with their rhythms and beats. It takes something more than just beats to transport people somewhere else though, or to introduce qualities that inspire more than just losing yourself to the music. ODESZA did that Nov. 22 in the Orpheum Theater, and they did so without ever losing the dreaminess that also accompanies their music.

Corey Clement

Record Routine: Showing vulnerability, Adele's vocals highlight '25'

Fame is a monster. The public spotlight pointed at every celebrity, athlete and politician probably places more stress on them than any number of stage lights under which media figures thrive. But not every celebrity opens up under the harsh scrutiny of a reporter’s question or paparazzi flash bulbs. After releasing a seminal break-up album in 2011, Adele closed herself off, focusing on establishing a family and having a baby. As 21 remained on Billboard’s top album chart, Adele didn’t lavish in the spotlight. Instead, the singer-songwriter reflected upon the relationship which spawned her record-breaking album and crafted a follow-up.

Daily Cardinal

‘Living naturally’ negates millenia of natural selection

It seems I can’t go a week without hearing something about “living naturally.” While it isn’t as common in Wisconsin, this health craze of looking toward our ancestors and their lifestyle habits and choices is all but unavoidable on the West Coast. However, I do see the slow creep of this movement in UW-Madison’s student population, and it must be stopped. I see toe shoes, ketogenic Paleo diets, functional strength training a la CrossFit and all affiliated acts as a faddish response for middle-aged men tired of the weekly spin class their significant others force them to attend. This group of ideals would almost be tolerable, and even respectable, if its proponents were not some of the most annoying people you’ll meet on planet Earth, but since they are, I feel its my job to pick apart what’s driving these fads forward.

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