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Monday, September 25, 2023

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DACA keeps freedom of choice in education

The “American Dream” is dependent on each person, and to believe it’s a one-size-fits-all guide to being a citizen is exactly why revoking DACA will fail to provide for the folx it is made for. It’s failing the folx that are seeking opportunity and access, by revoking their ability to earn their degree, have a job and live a full life. 


Cardinal View: Evers is bringing Wisconsin back to its roots of environmentalism

In November of 2018, Wisconsin saw a massive turnout in the midterm elections, resulting in the election of Democratic Governor Tony Evers over Republican incumbent Scott Walker in the gubernatorial race. With just over 1 percent of the vote, Evers’ win was narrow. As he celebrated his victory, Evers promised Wisconsin residents “change is coming” — and change has certainly been seen in the field of environmental policy in just a few months since the election.  


Going Green: how UW students can start being environmentally friendly today

As a large school with a proportionally large environmental impact, it is vital that students are aware of ways to live a more environmentally-friendly life. Not all commitments to sustainability need to be drastic. Some students think that they lack the time to create a more sustainable routine, or that it can be too expensive for students to buy products that are better for the environment, for example. But simple changes such as turning off lights, recycling, composting and using the bus can make a difference, and are easy to implement.


Cardinal View: Satya Rhodes-Conway will provide the change Madison needs

Paul Soglin is practically synonymous with Madison politics and has created quite a legacy for himself, serving as mayor for longer than anyone else in Madison’s history. He’s worked toward providing the city with affordable housing, improving public transit and hiring more women and minorities in the city during his 22-year tenure. However, if we simply focus on what has already happened and don’t look forward to the potential of the city,  we can’t expect to make progress. This is why it is imperative that Satya Rhodes-Conway is elected as Madison’s next mayor.

Daily Cardinal

Cardinal View: Women's health programs at UW are a step in the right direction

 As of October, boxes of affordable emergency contraceptives sit behind the counters at the student unions. There is no denying that these new additions to Badger Market break down barriers, allowing women at UW-Madison to take more control of their reproductive health. The decision to provide accessible and affordable emergency contraception on campus is the latest addition in a push to make women’s health services more accessible to students. 

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