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Friday, February 03, 2023


Image Courtesy of Creative Commons—Kayla Johnson

The Weeknd single 'False Alarm' burns out

The Weeknd returns like a leading alpha. With the release of his latest single “False Alarm” we are taken back to the disco-heaven beats of an old-school heartbreak and shown the insecurities of a man seeking validation from his newly developed self.


'Gilmore Girls' pop-up diners prompt coffee-fueled excitement

My roommates will be the first to tell you I’m not a morning person. I walk, or rather stumble, into the kitchen, grab a bowl of cereal and hibernate back in my room until the last possible minute before class, all the while hoping I don’t have to remember how to carry basic small talk until after I finish my painfully average cup of homebrewed coffee. Maybe it’s my addiction to coffee, hatred of mornings or unintelligibly fast-paced talking that led a friend of mine to tell me I remind her of Lorelai Gilmore, a lead character in the 2000 Warner Bros.

Bon Iver finally releases stunning new album, 22, A Million. 

Bon Iver returns from hiatus

It was a sunny, summer afternoon as I drove along rolling country roads back to my house. The radio was blasting alternative tunes from Milwaukee’s FM 102.1.

Courtesy of Creative Commons

Film critics' opinions should be met with skepticism

I consider myself far more of a film lover than a film critic. Whether a film is being announced or premiering in theaters, I genuinely want it to do well, because if there’s anything that I learned from watching, studying and evaluating movies, it’s that filmmakers put an incredible amount of effort and planning into their works.

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