Do Ho Suh Installation

From now until May 14th, Madisonians can enter the mesh mini-home of Do Ho Suh, whose intricate installation is on display at the Madison Museum of Contemporary Art. The installation features a multi-part, full-scale model of Suh’s New York City apartment. Made of translucent, pastel fabric, each part of the installation is filled with extraordinary detail, right down to the text on light switches. Suh began creating unique sculptures such as these in 1994 – “An impulse that became a life’s work,” according to the installation’s description.

Though lighthearted in color, the installation has an overwhelmingly melancholy tone. There’s something about the innate emptiness of the recreation of home that shines through in Suh’s installation. Walking through the soft hallways, I recalled that all too familiar feeling of bittersweet memory: You’re happy to remember, but all too aware of the distance at the same time. -Katie Scheidt

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