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Saturday, February 24, 2024

How to lose a guy in one episode: Lessons learned from the season 27 premiere of ‘The Bachelor’

On the first “Bachelor Monday” of 2023, Bachelor Nation watched as thirty women drooled and squabbled over “The Bachelor” season 27’s handsome new hunk, Zach Shallcross, a 26-year-old California native living in Austin, Texas and previous “The Bachelorette” contestant. 

Shallcross is a family-oriented, hardworking and successful tech executive, making him quite popular among the ladies at Bachelor Mansion, as well as Bachelor-fans watching him on the screen. With his striking good looks, kindness and charisma, Shallcross won over the hearts of contestants as soon as they stepped out of the limos, jump-starting the competition for his love and affection. Many ladies succeeded in leaving Shallcross wanting more, while others did not. Here’s what led to some of the first eliminations. 

Interfering with nature

The first elimination occurred prematurely when contestant Madison Johnson approached Shallcross about her insecurities, having “forced things” earlier in the night. Johnson made bold moves that turned into rookie mistakes during the cocktail party, including “stealing” Shallcross for a second conversation, forcing an awkward kiss and interrupting his conversation with host Jesse Palmer. 

If there’s anything Bachelor Nation has learned over the years, it is that the women who interrupt cocktail party conversations always leave broken hearted. This repetitive validation-seeking conveys desperation, neediness and selfishness to the guy, and immediately drives him away. Playing hard-to-get is much more advisable. Bachelor Nation has also seen its fair share of forced kisses, which always demonstrate a lack of respect for the Bachelor’s wants, as well as a lack of ability to read the room. Not everyone likes surprises. 

Shallcross sent Johnson off by saying, “I never want to lie” and “my heart wasn’t feeling it” because he “never wants to force that,” reinforcing that Johnson’s “forced” actions are what led to her elimination. It is always important to remember, especially in the dating world, that good things come to those who wait. 

Risky first impressions

Additional eliminations transpired during the official rose ceremony as Cara, Holland, Lekha, Olivia L., Olivia M., Becca, Sonia, Vanessa and Viktoria were sent home. Though these women’s interactions with Shallcross offered less drama, lessons can still be learned from their actions, which exemplified precisely what not to do.

Bachelor-fans know, first impressions are everything. So when women like Holland and Lekha come in hot with aggressive introductions, likely no one watching is surprised when they don’t get the chance to stick around. Holland introduces herself to Shallcross and then promptly references a date he went on with previous Bachelorette Rachel, after which she says, “I think the reason it didn’t work out is because you were in the wrong, Holland.” Lekha makes an introduction by licking Shallcross’ ear and claiming it as hers. 

While these women most certainly made a lasting impression on Shallcross, they did not exemplify what he wants long-term. The jokes demonstrate immaturity and spark questions about whether or not they are on the show for the right reason — to find a husband. When courting a long-term significant other, class is key. According to Shallcross, it is essential to ease into the relationship and learn more about each other before jumping into suggestive and possessive banter. 

The remaining eliminated ladies simply did not capture enough of Shallcross’ attention for him to let them stay. Their first impressions were subpar and so were their conversations with him, and some of these ladies did not even get a chance to have conversations with Shallcross. 

These under-the-radar ladies’ failures show that sometimes too much timidity is mistaken as indifference. Confidence, outgoingness and self-assuredness can all be vital to luring in a significant other. Clearly not to the point of interruption and force, but enough to not be left alone on the couches all night drinking champagne having never gotten the chance to speak to a potential future husband. 

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Though tensions are already high in the season premiere of “The Bachelor,” season trailers allude to much more drama, tears and goodbyes — and many other lessons to be learned. The “don’ts” taken from the first episode serve as great reminders to those in search of a partner — stay humble and confident, and let everything play out naturally. 

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