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Friday, May 17, 2024
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A new bunny best friend named Bubbles

I grew up with two older brothers. This means I was forced to participate in Nerf gun wars, Bionicle fights, Dinosaur hunts and Hot Wheel races as a child instead of playing dress-up with Barbie, conducting fashion shows with Bratz dolls, cleaning the diaper of a Baby Alive or braiding the hair of an American Girl doll. Don’t get me wrong, when raising a child I believe it is important to allow that child to play with whatever toy interests them, regardless of their gender and what society views as “normal.” However, I was definitely more interested in a Barbie than a Bionicle, but in my house the majority ruled.

As you can probably imagine, picking out a movie, as compared to a toy, was no better. I have watched The Jungle Book more times than I can count, but if I wanted to watch something “girly,” say Cinderella, my brothers acted as if the world were ending. One of the only movies we could always agree on, though, was Finding Nemo.

My favorite scene in Finding Nemo is when the yellow tang fish named Bubbles, who is trapped in the dentist’s fish tank with Nemo, screams: “BUBBLES! BUBBLES! BUBBLES! MY BUBBLES.” You may wonder why this is my favorite part of the movie, especially when there are so many other heart-felt moments, such as, Nemo finally being reunited with his father. However, as a kid, I really enjoyed playing with bubbles outside on a nice, warm day. Kind of like the Spring weather we are currently experiencing here in Madison. Also, I simply thought the scene was funny.

Following Bubbles outburst, Gill, the leader of the trapped fish, tells Nemo: “Fish aren’t meant to be in a box kid, it does things to yah.” I don’t know about any of you, but during this pandemic, more times than once, I have felt confined to the four walls of my apartment. My apartment has felt like a “box” and it has definitely “done things to me.” I have struggled with over-eating, under-exercising, lack-of-motivation, anxiety, depression and so much more. Personally, when I am struggling, one of the only things that can help me through the difficult time is an animal.

Honestly, not much can compare to the love an animal is willing to offer you, anytime and any day. In this article, I am going to vouch for the love Bubbles, the rabbit – not the fish in Finding Nemo, or the childhood activity – could provide for you during this difficult time.

Bubbles is a male Dutch rabbit. He is four years old and currently resides at the Dane County Humane Society with his sister, Sprinkles. He weighs about six pounds and has white fur with splotches of black around his eyes and backside. He loves affection from humans, such as petting, and he is soft-to-the-touch, so most people have no problem obliging in giving him what he loves most: frequent pets.

Currently, Bubbles appears to be a very healthy rabbit but it is always a good idea to visit a veterinarian soon after adoption for a routine check-up.

Bubbles can be adopted as a bonded pair with his sister, Sprinkles, for an affordable $90 plus tax. Sprinkles is like Bubbles in every way stated above, except that she is a female. If you would like to move forward with this adoption process, please visit one of the following links: Dane County Humane Society – Bubbles or Dane County Humane Society – Sprinkles.

Ultimately, no matter what struggles you have faced, or are currently facing during this pandemic, I know an animal like Bubbles can help you through it. And let’s not forget, these animals looking to be adopted have also gone through countless struggles of their own. Life can be hard for both humans and animals alike, and maybe all it takes to help one is to have the companionship of the other. However, it is up to you to take the initial step and adopt.

As I talked about earlier, my brothers and I could not agree on much when it came to toys and movies, but we did agree on how spectacular the movie Finding Nemo was, and I know we would have agreed on adopting a furry friend like Bubbles to help us with all the inevitable struggles we would go through in our lives.

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