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Tik Tok may have taken the world by storm over a year ago; however, those at the forefront of the original burst of popularity no longer dominate the app. With quarantine came the development of many niches within the sixty-second video-sharing app; some examples being food Tik Tok, fitness Tik Tok, fashion Tik Tok, sport Tik Tok and even Harry Potter Tik Tok! The possibilities and accounts to look for under each of these categories are endless, so let’s dive right in.

One of my personal favorites to look at throughout my time at home was, of course, food Tik Tok — specifically, healthy food. It was interesting and motivating to see so many people adopting healthy lifestyles and it was nice of them to share their tips and tricks with the rest of us! When going to healthy food Tik Tok, you absolutely have to check out the account lizmooody. She posts quick and easy recipes with clean ingredients that any college student could follow. I definitely recommend scrolling through a few of her videos next time you find yourself needing a prolonged distraction from schoolwork.

Going hand in hand with my interest in food Tik Tok, comes the fitness accounts that I’ve seen grow immensely over the last few months. Again, like the health food accounts, these fitness gurus provide quick and easy workouts that anyone could do from the comfort of their dorm room at college! 

Honestly, this app has made maintaining a lifestyle full of wellness while away from home much more accessible. My favorite people to look at for workouts are lexxhidalgo and bellahoriszny. Both accounts provide workout insight that has definitely impacted my daily routine while in Wisconsin.

I’ve also come to enjoy Harry Potter Tik Tok, which absolutely consumed the app within the last month or two. Growing up, I was a huge nerd for Harry Potter, so watching these videos almost brought back a piece of my childhood. It was also quite nice to see so many people coming from all different Tik Tok niche’s enjoy the same category of video, almost as if “Harry Potter” brought a good chunk of the Tik Tok community together.

Next time you are on Tik Tok, make sure to check out these unique sectors. Who knows, maybe you’ll find the right side of Tik Tok for you!

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