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Friday, March 01, 2024

College 101: 5 Health & Nutrition Tips Backed By Science

It can feel overwhelming to find scientifically-proven health tips with the loads of information on health care advice that's constantly circulating. You want to find easy to follow, scientifically-backed, and straight forward health tips that you can implement into your daily life. Keep reading to explore five tips you can utilize to improve your overall health and nutrition.

1. Avoid excess sugar.


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One tip that scientists agree with across the board is to limit consuming excess sugars. This doesn't mean that you can't consume foods that contain natural sugars. Many foods that contain natural sugars, like apples, watermelon, and other fruits are quite healthy. The types of sugar you should try to avoid excess like those in soda pop and other beverages with added sugar. Drinking things like soda pop provide no nutritional value to your overall health. Instead, it's just consuming sugar that your body doesn't need. Consuming these sugar-laden drinks like a soda pop can reportedly lead to weight gain, diabetes, and tooth decay.

2. Get moving.


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As a general practice, exercise and movement can do wonders for your health. Exercise is a sure-fire way of taking care of your body. Luckily, exercise has numerous scientific benefits. It can help you lost weight, ward off heart disease, and diminish anxiety and depression. It's not only good for your physical body, but an exercise routine is also a wonderful way to take care of your mental health. Exercise is unique to whatever practices you enjoy. So get out there and go for a walk with your dog, or start riding the bike that's been sitting in the garage. Whatever it is, this extra movement is an incredible way to stay healthy.

3. Eat real food.


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Any health care provider will agree that eating whole foods is critical to your health. Focus on eating fruits and vegetables to increase your intake of antioxidants, which help reduce cell damage. The quality of food you're ingesting can help your body ward off potential diseases too. Eat foods that are loaded with vitamins and minerals will give your body a boost. Nutritionally sound foods contain loads of antioxidants and typically more vitamins than processed foods. Some of these powerhouse foods are sweet potatoes, kale, spinach, salmon, yogurt, and fruits like oranges, pomegranates, and blueberries. You're committing to a flavorful and nutritious diet by consuming these foods.

4. Sleep is crucial.


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Medical advice always points towards getting quality sleep. Sleep is important for a properly functioning body. However, sleep can be a tricky thing to navigate because you have to ensure you're getting quality sleep, sleeping at the correct times, and that you're simply getting enough sleep every night. Research shows that hitting these sleep goals is incredibly important for your quality of life, emotional stability, optimal performance, and your mental and physical health. With all of this being said, be sure to follow the health care advice and get some sleep. 

5. Supplement when you can.


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If you have gaps in your nutrition, doctors commonly recommend a multi-vitamin. This covers your bases that you are consuming enough of each vitamin's daily value. If you're looking for another supplement made by a doctor, consider one of these supplements specifically formulated by Dr. Danielle Saunders. Dr. Danielle has a wide range of supplement options. A few of the best-sellers are Dr. Danielle's immune support, adrenal support, digestive support, and probiotics. Incorporating some of her supplements into your routine is an easy and effective way to enhance your body's overall health. 

The owner of the company, Dr. Danielle, is a licensed general practitioner, naturopathic doctor, and biochemist. Dr. Danielle's supplements actually receive positive reviews from real customers, versus many fraudulent products created by Amazon sellers. You can trust Dr. Danielle's range of supplements because they're made in the USA, with high-quality attention to ingredients and formulation. 

You can live a well-balanced, healthy life by following all five of these science-backed health tips like avoiding excess sugar, eating nutrient-dense foods, prioritizing sleep and exercise, and adding supplements. This way, you can prioritize treating your body right and enjoy your life.

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