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College 101: Fun Medical Careers to Consider After Graduation

The medical field can be one of the most rewarding career fields to enter. You can have a significant impact on the quality of life that patients enjoy by ensuring they receive a proper diagnosis and effective treatment. Although many patients you work with may be facing serious or long-term medical issues, there are many medical roles that are enjoyable and even fun.

Operating on Adrenaline

Some people thrive on adrenaline. There are many medical careers suited to individuals who want to have surprises in their workday. These medical professionals have to be prepared for almost anything.

Emergency Dentist

An emergency dentist treats patients who need unexpected dental care. People need to see an emergency dentist when they lose teeth. As an emergency dentist, you may work with patients of all ages. Some may have had a tooth damaged in an injury. Others may be experiencing extreme pain from a toothache. reported that dentists earned median annual incomes of $156,526as of January 2020. Dentists are required to have a doctoral degree and be licensed.


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A paramedic travels by ambulance or helicopter and assesses patients who need emergency medical care. Paramedics determine how to treat the patient while they are being transported. They deal with a range of situations, such as responding to patients in cardiac arrest and treating people who have been in an accident. Paramedics need an associate’s degree and must have their ACLS certification. They can complete ACLS renewal online to maintain their credentials. According to, their median incomes were $43,202 as of January 2020.


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Veterinarians are medical professionals who need to have a doctoral degree and a license. They treat a wide range of animals, including rabbits, horses, dogs, cats, ferrets, and birds. Their roles can involve routine checkups for shots, as well as performing both scheduled and emergency surgeries. The diversity of their patients and tasks means veterinarians enjoy workdays that are rarely predictable. reported median incomes of $95,214 for these medical professionals as of January 2020.

Personal Connections

Some individuals want to make a long-term impact on people they work with over a period of time. They find it rewarding to see a patient’s growth and progress and enjoy interacting with them.

Occupational Therapy Assistant

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Occupational therapy assistants need to have an associate’s degree. As of May 2018, the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reported they earned median annual incomes of $60,220. Occupational therapy assistants assess patients and guide them through exercises that will help improve their mobility. They teach patients to use assistive devices. They may also work with children with disabilities and guide them through activities that promote socialization and hand-eye coordination.

Community Health Worker

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Community health workers work directly with members of the community to promote health, share healthcare information and help individuals access health care. They may counsel patients and perform research to identify community healthcare needs. Community health workers are vital community healthcare professionals who can build long-term relationships with the people they serve. They may be trained on the job or may enter their career after earning a certificate. The BLS reported they earned median incomes of $39,540 as of May 2018. 

Recreational Therapist

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A recreational therapist must have a bachelor’s degree in recreation therapy or a similar discipline. They evaluate patients to determine their needs and prepare treatment plans designed to achieve specific goals. For example, they may work with a patient who has suffered a stroke and help them rebuild strength in their legs or arms so that they can walk and dress independently. They could use aquatic therapy or other activities to treat patients. As of May 2018, the BLS reported median salaries of $47,860 for recreational therapists.

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