A fun farrago of hues, hyenas and Harley Quinn: 'Birds of Prey' Review

Margot Robbie explores Harley Quinn's emancipation in new DC comedy-thriller. 

Margot Robbie explores Harley Quinn's emancipation in new DC comedy-thriller. 

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“Harley Quinn: Birds of Prey” is an action-packed affair with colorful clothes, chemicals and confetti. It is fun, quirky and, most of all, entertaining.

Margot Robbie's lovable portrayal of the loony Harley Quinn and her shenanigans are truly the key to "Birds of Prey." Her character's idiosyncrasies and flippant nature are what make this film enjoyable. Ewan McGregor's performance is great, too. Mary Elizabeth Winstead is okay. 

I am not a huge fan of the other actors though, I found them to be slightly irritating and their dialogues a bit forced. Though the producers did form an ethnically diverse cast, apart from Robbie and McGregor, it turned out to be lackluster.

Director Cathy Yan has made the film's comedy such that it is silly, but still R-rated. The decision  to have the events narrated by Quinn herself exemplifies her previously mentioned flippancy. With doodles and completely frank and witty quips, her commentary throughout the film is hilarious.

The other characteristic element of the film is the choice of settings for each scene, as well as the transitions. Each setting is colorful, unique and, somehow, figuratively dark, all concomitantly, for example, a creepy house of mirrors. The transitions are barely noticeable; it all seems like one continuous mishmash (in a complimentary way) of many-hued action scenes.

The costume design maintains the flamboyance of the rest of the film. All the costumes are ostentatious and aptly developed. The soundtrack is crazy and wild, and contributes to the thrill of the action scenes.

Lastly, the plot is very simple. It could have been more elaborate, but, in my opinion, it would not have added much to the film's humor, which is its highlight.

Thus, to end, if you want a sensible film, avoid "Birds of Prey" at all cost. On the other hand, if you want a harlequin farrago of hyenas and hitmen that will make you forget about “Joker,” this is definitely the one.

Final Grade: Depends on what you're hoping for. 

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