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College 101: Get Inspired! 6 Tips and Strategies for College Students

The college years are full of promise for fun and excitement in addition to learning the tools for professional endeavors. For many college students, this is the first time they are away from home and being held accountable by their parents to succeed. Making the most of the college years means understanding how to be academically responsible and learning how to be productive. To get inspired here are six tips and strategies for college students to make the most out of their experience. 

Establish a Schedule and Daily Routine 

Life as a college student is about finding a balance between studying and personal time. Create a schedule and daily routine that can be adhered to without adding any extra pressure to see results. Evaluate a daily routine every couple of weeks to see if changes should be made to increase productivity and make the day-to-day more comfortable. 

Say No to Distractions

Remembering to keep priorities in check and being disciplined to finish schoolwork before enjoying leisure time is a must. When focusing on schoolwork, put aside distractions like phones and other electronic devices that draw attention. Feelings of procrastination will happen from time to time, but it's important to remind oneself of the reason for attending college and why it's important to graduate. Contemplating self-purpose and staying motivated to realize one's full potential will help say no to distractions.  

Stay Optimistic 

The trick to staying optimistic is to not allow failures in school and the resulting disappointment to derail focus. Experiencing some form of academic setback is a right of passage. A student will experience far more successes than disappointments and the important challenge is to see the opportunity to evaluate what went right and what went wrong. Always find a way to encourage oneself and keep the mind filled with positive thoughts. 

Focus on Important Activities

Staying focused on schoolwork is key to academic success. Make a list of what needs to be done daily to tackle an academic load and then create an action plan to get things done. Focus on completing those assignments that require a lot of time and effort first, and then worry about easier assignments. Take a look at weekly tasks and prioritize them according to the level of significance. Dedicate more time to those activities that have the greatest impact on academics to avoid feeling pressure and build self-esteem. 

Having dreams of starting a business are a great motivator to stay focused on what matters. Recent college graduate Charutha Bandara realized that many of his peers had great business ideas but lacked the skills and knowledge to pursue them. Motivated by his interest in self-enrichment and love of learning, Charutha Bandara held several leadership positions with start-up companies where he learned the skills necessary to become the founder of his own successful business. 

Pursue Interests

College is an opportunity to pursue academic interests and to be challenged. Schedule classes that stretch personal limits and embrace the challenge. Take classes that align with interests, but be open to studying other subjects that could potentially teach new skills. Starting to study subjects that pique the most interest early allows students to assess if they are truly enjoyable subjects that lead to growth. Take classes that will help build marketable skills that can be applied to different employment situations. 

Create a Reward System

Academic success and personal achievements deserve to be rewarded. Create a reward system to celebrate achievements and maintain motivation. Part of the college experience is exploring and getting immersed in physical surroundings. Take the time to have fun and participate in entertaining activities. Students in New York City can afford Broadway Tickets to popular shows with the help of TodayTix. Whether looking for last-minute or advance tickets, premium seats, or the latest theatre news, TodayTix is a one-stop-shop.

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