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Making real money without a job? Not too good to be true!

College costs a fortune, which can be stressful on its own. Then, factor in student organizations, clubs, homework, exams and a social life into the mix, and suddenly 24 hours is just not enough time in the day. Your schedule is overloaded with barely enough time allotted to sit down and relax, let alone get a job. 

So how in the world are you supposed to pay for classes, rent and groceries? I am here to bring you good news, so don’t freak out. Madison has plenty of opportunities to make some real cash without ever having to miss a class. Here are five ways to make extra money in Madison without having to scrub toilets or flip burgers and never miss out on valuable study time!

1. Give Plasma

If needles don’t freak you out, you could make over $400 in just one month! Interstate Blood and Plasma pays you to sit in a comfy chair on your phone or laptop for just an hour. You can donate up to twice a week and are paid based on weight. No appointments. No commitments. The facility is clean and welcoming, plus your donation can help to treat hundreds of diseases!

2. Participate in Research Studies

The University’s UWellness Center is often looking for students to participate in research studies. Some of these studies only require you to take surveys and answer questions. The studies range in pay and length, with some being one-time visits and some occurring over the course of several months . Earn money by simply sharing your behaviors and habits safely and confidentially with UW affiliated programs.

3. Sell Your Notes

Have great handwriting? Love using creative stationery to visualize what you’re learning? Others could benefit too. Websites such as NexusNotes or OneClass let you upload your notes and study guides in exchange for Paypal money or gift cards. UW-Madison students are constantly taking notes anyway, right? Might as well pay rent and help out your classmate.

4. Become a Tutor

If there is a subject that you enjoy and have really mastered, help other students understand the subject better too. For only a few nights a week for about an hour each night, you could sit down and help a student do their homework or study for a test in your preferred subject area and get paid for your help. If you enjoy the topic, the hour will go quickly and you could even meet some new friends. 

5. Sell your old Textbooks or Clothes on Facebook

That pile of textbooks gathering dust in the corner of your room or the old clothes taking up space under your bed could easily turn into this month’s rent. There are plenty of Facebook groups designated for buying, selling or trading textbooks and clothes on campus or in the Madison area. People love getting clothes cheaper than retail price, especially if you have extra game day apparel. It’s much better for the environment, and you may even find something you like at a huge discount.

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