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Sunday, February 25, 2024
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Stop by the terrace and spend the afternoon on the docks or sit back and put on a face mask. Whatever it is, take time for yourself in the early weeks of the semester. 

How to be mentally prepared for fall semester

Going back to school can be an insanely stressful time. If you’re anything like me, you’ll need some serious self-care. 

I’m here to tell you the best ways to keep a clear headspace during the first hectic weeks of college with classes, clubs and craziness. 

Take time for yourself

I’m always guilty of diving right into school work and completely neglecting myself. Remember that there is a syllabus week for a reason and to take full advantage of the low-stress nature of it.

There is no need to be stressed yet, so why stress yourself out? Take a nap, go for a run or walk, watch a bad rom-com and order takeout. 

Do the things that you usually put on the back burner while you have time to before the semester gets into full swing.

Can you say face mask?

I’m a HUGE believer in face masks. Moisturizing, pimple-zapping, redness-busting or pH-balancing, I will trust that tiny bottle with my life. 

Face masks always make me feel like I’m doing something right for both my body and my mental health, so definitely test some out.

Put on your favorite podcast, read a book or watch your Netflix show simultaneously. One of my favorites is I Do Care’s “Pure to the Pore” volcanic ash mask. Sounds boujee, I know, but it’s only $12 from Ulta. Yes, please. 

As someone who has always struggled with acne, I can attest to the feel-good quality of this product.

Make yourself a nice dinner.

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Yes, cooking can suck, especially when you have no time to do it, and Jimmy Johns is freaky fast. But, if you treat yourself to a nice balanced dinner before the madness of school begins, I can promise that you will feel so much more prepared.

Taking the time to make yourself your favorite dish before you get too busy, you will be ready to take on your awful econ lecture or the class that you’ve been dreading all summer. After all, a good meal equals a good attitude.

Organize. Organize. Organize.

Maybe this is just me, but organizing all of my school supplies always makes me feel good before I take on a heavy course load. 

Along with trying to keep other areas of my life organized, doing so with school supplies will help you start off your semester on the right foot. 

Buying your supplies in advance will relieve you of that stressful thought of “oh my, I never bought that book” and ensure that you’re fully prepared to take on that horrible 8 a.m. that you have not been looking forward to.

I may not be making the Dean’s List every semester, but I’ve been around the block, and I know a thing or two about how crazy the first week or two of the semester can be. 

Take time for yourself, whether it be a face mask, bad movie, takeout or obsessively organizing your belongings. Doing the little things that help you start off on the right foot will surely lead to a successful semester.  

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