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Breaking (the mold): New Cardinal vision

The 2019-'20 management team, Robyn Cawley and Erin Jordan, address the future of journalism and The Daily Cardinal.

Image By: Will Cioci

Welcome inspired artists, truth seekers and advocates of social justice. Welcome to The Daily Cardinal. 

We’ve been around for 128 years, covering World War I to the 2018 gubernatorial election — and today, the journalism industry looks as it never has before. 

We’re still determined to uphold the core values of our institution: holding those in power accountable, raising a voice for those unheard and ultimately, uncovering the truth. Our commitment to these values was recognized by members of The Daily Cardinal community, who trusted us to fulfill these leadership roles. 

But, we’re also ready for change. 

In a time where digital content is just as crucial as our print copy, we are looking to evolve what we cover — and how we cover it. We’re looking for people with new ideas — people like you. 

We accept that we are not representative of all students at UW-Madison, folx from Wisconsin and citizens nationwide — and cannot tell their stories on our own. We not only want to ensure that these voices are included and heard, but that there’s an open invitation for anyone willing to share their story and help us tell others’. 

With the support of Cardinals before us — and future members of the flock — we promise an inviting, inclusive community as we learn to unveil the truth together.

Join us in the revolution that journalism has become. 

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