New campus organization prepares UW students for music industry

A new student organization strives to prepare UW students for the music industry post-college life.

A new student organization strives to prepare UW students for the music industry post-college life.

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Recent graduate Jake Walczyk started Madison Industry for Madison Students to fill a void plaguing the music scene on campus. He asked himself why this club was needed on campus and what purpose should it serve. 

As a business student with music industry aspirations himself, he realized that there is a lack of support for students who hope to enter that field. Thus, MIMS was formed to create an inner- and outer-campus network that would help students learn from professionals and prepare for careers that they’re passionate about. 

The club has three main goals: to educate, to connect student organizations and to connect the campus to the surrounding Madison community. As of now, UW has several student organizations (EMMIE, WUD Music, WSUM, etc) that create exceptional content. While the members are passionate about their work, they typically do not see the skills they develop translating into the real world or a career. 

This could be because the UW offers little support in terms of classes or working with alumni to educate students about the many career paths the music industry has to offer. MIMS will compensate for this lack of support and educations. The organization plans on bringing several industry professionals to network, advise and guide current students. 

MIMS wants to show passionate, music-loving students that the work they do on campus can evolve into a career, and it does not have to be treated purely as a temporary hobby. MIMS’ most recent event was a Q&A with Patrick Tilley — a former WUD Music member who now works at Pitch Perfect PR. It is important to connect current students to successful alumni as a reminder that skills being picked up through these clubs can be utilized and result in sustainable, successful careers. 

MIMS is not a club that could exist on its own, but rather connects the extensive array of clubs on campus with like-minded students. It combines practical elements by educating members and social elements by acting as a gathering point for students who convene around music. 

As a former member of WSUM and WUD Music, Walczyk enjoyed his time at both but was frustrated by the lack of crossover despite how similar everyone’s values and interests are. As of now, the clubs primarily act as separate entities, but MIMS hopes to change that. 

Lastly, MIMS looks to bridge campus music events and organizations to the surrounding community and non-students. Just a few weeks ago, MIMS held its first panels event featuring the president, talent buyer and event manager from FPC Live — a group that runs most of the familiar concert venues in the Madison area. Not only do they look to connect students to music industry professionals in the area, but also educate small artists about the ins and outs of the Madison music scene. 

MIMS does not have any membership fees and it is incredibly flexible. Eventually, the club plans to extend to biweekly meetings, regular workshops and, one day, a trip to Chicago. Even if you’re unsure of what you’re future entails, it is worth a shot to drop by one of the events or reach through the Facebook page. 

Molly Carmichael is a music columnist for the Daily Cardinal. To read more of her work, click here.

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