Spring Flower

When I wake up

My soul is no longer frozen

My bones don’t ache

My skin is reawakening

Spring is coming

I am a seed

I was buried beneath the earth

No light in sight

Only darkness, no warmth 

But alas,

The sun always comes around

Spring is coming 

I am a flower

I arise with a new liveliness

I can smile

My skin hugs the sun like it’s been gone too long

And it has

The air fills my lungs deeper than it has before

Spring is coming 

I am blooming 

All wise flowers know

That the sun also rises 

Yes sometimes it might go

But it will rise again 

And young flower you will shine like never before

You gleam in the sunlight

You have endured darkness, pain, and the cold

But the whole time you kept telling yourself 

Spring is coming

And now she is here once again

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