Mitnick will bring dedication, empathy to Madison City Council

It goes without saying that college is a balancing act. Students have to cram classes, coursework, jobs or internships, extracurriculars and some semblance of a social life into a 24/7 schedule. For most, it’s ultimately manageable, but nonetheless a massive headache.

Of course, everyone has that one friend that somehow goes the extra mile. For me, that friend is Matthew Mitnick. 

I was introduced to Matthew back in September. In addition to working with him on ASM’s Legislative Affairs Committee, we worked to register UW-Madison students to vote together last October. Since then, I’ve gotten to know him very well. 

I’ve never met a person more involved and dedicated than Matthew. In addition to his coursework, Matthew spent his first semester at UW-Madison working with ASM to help advance the interests of his fellow students while also interning for the Wisconsin League of Conservation Voters to help “get out the vote” in central Wisconsin. At the same time, he also founded the UW-Madison chapter of the International City/County Management Association and joined the Joint Campus Area Committee of Madison’s City Council. Needless to say, Matthew is more involved in both extracurriculars and his community than the average student.

For most people — myself included — being so involved would be counterintuitive. I know that I wouldn’t have the time nor the energy to make a significant contribution to any individual commitments. Matthew, of course, is the exception. 

I’ve only known Matthew to put 100 percent into everything he does. He spends every waking moment of his day working to better his community, even when it comes at the expense of his leisure. Matthew devotes himself to the welfare of his peers because he is compassion personified; he wants nothing more than to ensure the safety and success of his fellow Badgers. Whether it be advocating for affordable housing for low-income students and families or campaigning for safe lighting on Lakeshore Path, Matthew is fully dedicated to representing the interests of his constituents. After all, that’s the sole reason that Matthew is running for Alderman of the Madison City Council. It’s even his campaign slogan: “A Student for Students.”

Matthew has proven to me time and again that he is more than capable of juggling his responsibilities wholeheartedly. For this reason, I am certain that he will be a great Alderman for the Eighth District.

As Americans, we have a patriotic duty to vote when the opportunity arises. It only makes sense that we, as students, elect another student who has consistently dedicated themselves to the safety and prosperity of their peers. For that reason, I encourage my fellow UW-Madison students to vote Mitnick for Madison on April 2.

Spencer is the Vice Communications Chair for Matthew Mitnick, a candidate for District 8 Alder. He is also a freshman studying political science and social welfare. What do you think of the candidates running in District 8? Please send all comments to  

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