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Saturday, September 30, 2023
Bike Courier

Being a bike courier is a great way to make some cash

Off the beaten path jobs for people not ready to start sitting at a desk

Entering the real world of 9-to-5 work days and commuting through traffic day-in and day-out is a scary thought. I know I’m not ready for it yet.

For those of us who aren’t willing to accept this way of life outside of college, here are some jobs that keep you out of the office and utilize skills you already have.

Bike courier

Have you ever found yourself biking your way through pedestrians and traffic to make it to a class you should have left for 10 minutes earlier but still make it semi-decently on time? Than this job is for you. Bike couriers in big cities are the fastest way to get a package from one spot to the next. This job is perfect if you love biking or just enjoy being outside all day.

Fake social media profiler

Companies will pay you to use various fake social media pages to like their images, promote their products and talk about them online. If you are pretty tech-savvy or can’t separate your phone from your hand you can make some extra cash with these new profiles.

Makeup namer

From nail polish to lipstick to eye shadow shades, someone has to be the one to name them all. It takes a certain person to think of “Rollin with the chromies” as a name for a shimmery nail polish. If you are good at word play or just find that colors remind you of random items, this could be a good job for you.

Pick-up artist instructor

Remember the movie “Crazy, Stupid, Love?” The one where Ryan Gosling teaches Steve Carell how to talk to women at bars and be suave? Well, that’s a real-life job. Really. And it’ll earn you a comfy salary.

Next time your friend hits you up to be a wing-man/woman, you may want to consider making some cash helping strangers.

Professional line stander

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Whenever a new product is about to be released, people will stand in line for hours to get their hands on it and sometimes even camp out a day or two before.

The people who are willing to do this are now making it a service industry, offering up their spots in line for money. This is useful for anything from Black Friday shopping to movie premires.

It takes little to no skill and some preplanning, but it’s an easy gig to score some cash.

Professional cuddler

Catergorized as a form of therapy, professional cuddling is taking off. Multiple websites are now devoted to connecting cuddlers with customers.

This stress relieving business is perfect for those of us who struggle to get out of bed every day.

Finally, a job that will pay you to be lazy and watch Netflix all day! If you’re not afraid of getting close to a stranger, this could be the perfect job for you.

Text your parents not to worry about you for summer because you already found a job doing something you’ll love. All the jobs from this list you qualify for, so put that fancy resume away and start your career with one of these.

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