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Candidates for governor react to criticisms with policy

Gov. Scott Walker and Democratic governor candidate Tony Evers appeal to voters on the opposite side of their respective aisles.

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Gov. Scott Walker matched Democratic opponent Tony Evers’ budget plan to provide state funding for two-thirds of school costs on Monday.

The announcement followed state superintendent Evers’ proposal for an income tax cut on Sunday. Evers’ policy called for a $340 million income tax shift from wealthy corporations to middle-class tax relief. This reform comes after Walker’s campaign criticized Evers’ previous tax plans, stating they will result in an increase in gas taxes by as much as $1 a gallon.

Evers said he will create a 10 percent tax decrease for families with incomes up to $150,000 and for individuals who earn up to $100,000. According to the plan, this will positively impact 86 percent of taxpayers.

However, Walker’s campaign believes that due to Evers’ past statements about raising income taxes, the new plan is a political tool to attract economically conservative voters.

“Madison liberal Tony Evers is actively campaigning on an agenda that will raise property taxes, income taxes on farmers and small businesses and gas taxes by as much as $1 — and hard-working families won't be fooled by last-minute media stunts attempting to erase this fact," Walker spokesman Austin Altenburg said.

Walker’s campaign sent out a press release Monday announcing the incumbent governor’s plan to restore past Gov. Tommy Thompson’s education budget if re-elected. Thompson’s economic education policy was committed to providing state funding for two-thirds of all school costs.

On Sept. 17, Evers called for a $1.7 billion increase in school funding in his 2019-'21 budget proposal, which will ensure state coverage of two-thirds of public school costs.

Critics complained about Walker’s disinterest in school funding over his last eight years in office. They believe the same sentiments shared about Evers’ new tax policy being a lobbying mechanism can be said about Walker’s recent education policy reform.

“Glad to know you support our ideas. You had 8 years to this, but didn't,” tweeted Mandela Barnes, Democratic nominee for lieutenant governor. “I'm also old enough to remember that time they accused Mary Burke of plagiarism. This is that."

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