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UW-Stevens Point enrollment dwindles seven percent in new term

UW-Stevens Point kicked off their school year this past Tuesday. 

Image By: Samantha Nesovanovic

UW-Stevens Point revealed a seven percent loss of enrollment as students began classes this week. The university has decreased enrollment by 22 percent over the last eight years.

UW-Stevens Point does not believe low enrollment is a result of the proposal to cut 13 humanities majors, including English and Philosophy. For months, students have fought against the cuts as a last hope before the proposal is passed.

“I think if the university wants to remain competitive during this time of low enrollment across the board, they need to decide what they’ll do to address the budget deficit so prospective students don’t have to play guessing games about their futures,” said Lexie Neeley, a UW-Stevens Point alumni.

The struggle to retain students could improve as UW-Stevens Point promotes their online programming. The university’s enrollment peaked in 2011 with 10,000 students.

Most students said they enjoyed their time at UW-Stevens Point, citing relationships and resources found both on and off campus.

“I have loved my UW-Stevens Point experience,” said Brailey Kerber, a student at UW-Stevens Point student. “I have had amazing faculty and advising and I’ve made really strong friendships in things like Greek Life and Student Government that have made my experience even better.”

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