State budget committee authorizes performance-based funding for UW System

The Joint Committee on Finance approved the UW System’s proposal regarding outcome-based funding beginning 2018-19. 

Image By: Cameron Lane-Flehinger

The state’s Joint Committee On Finance approved a plan to provide the UW System over $26 million in performance-based funds.

The legislature created four major goals for the system to assess: ensuring student access, improving student progress and completion, expanding contributions to the workforce and improving efficiency.

For each of these goals, the legislature wanted the system to produce at least four metrics that would be used to determine outcome-based funding. Legislature and system officials also decided that each of the four categories accounts for 25 percent of the metric; that way, an institution cannot place more weight on one measure than another.

With the committee approving the regents’ plan, the system will decide how the money will be allocated to the schools.

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