?Declan McKenna is a rockstar in the making, dazzles at the Majestic

McKenna seemed so comfortable on stage that you’d think he’s been doing this for decades, despite the fact he can’t even legally buy a drink here in America.

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Declan McKenna first caught the world’s attention, and my own, for his 2015 hit, “Brazil.” The song was written in protest of the worldwide soccer organization, FIFA, and their awarding of the 2014 FIFA World Cup to Brazil. This required the country to build new stadiums — which cost millions of dollars — despite many Brazilians living in poverty.

As a lifelong soccer fan, and the knowledge of how opportunistic governing bodies can be, the lyrics spoke to me. McKenna’s upbeat, catchy tune hooked me and I eagerly anticipated more music. His optimistic, yet protest-tinged single was followed by his debut album, What Do You Think About The Car? The 19-year-old from London somehow ended up at the Majestic on Sunday night for his 2018 U.S. tour.

Alongside McKenna was Chappell Roan, the opening singer from Missouri who impressed with her soulful, yet soothing, voice. She was very poised on stage and the crowd immediately fell in love with her and her voice. The highlight of her set was her cover of The Cranberries “Dreams.”

After her last song, the audience seemed sad to see Roan go, begging her to stay with boisterous applause. However, once McKenna took the stage, the crowd might as well have forgotten about Roan.

This is no insult to Roan — she was charismatic and talented, definitely an artist to look out for. But as soon as McKenna came out, he oozed cool. The crowd was enthralled and soon became putty in his hands after his opener, “The Kids Don’t Wanna Come Home.” He (literally) sparkled with the streaks of glitter under his eyes and his golden, shiny guitar.

McKenna owned the stage and the crowd. During breaks, he kept up his cool facade and constantly joked with the crowd. On stage, the chemistry he shared with the other performers was clear. Drummer, Gabi King, was the other shining star of the night, displaying her intense drumming at the end of many songs. But McKenna was like a supernova. It was basically impossible to keep your eyes off him. He seemed so comfortable on stage that you’d think he’s been doing this for decades, despite the fact he can’t even legally buy a drink here in America.

Even with the frenetic vigor of the show – and boy, did this show have life – McKenna stayed cool and collected. He could do no wrong. “Why Do You Feel So Down” consisted of McKenna getting the crowd up and bouncing. Even when he briefly got tongue tied with some lyrics, he was not phased, though. He just laughed it off while the crowd cheered, and he continued to rock the Majestic.

McKenna seems like a true rockstar in the making, impressing at every turn. He made zero-to-no mistakes and dazzled the Majestic, which was filled to capacity.

Not bad for a 19-year-old.

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