Note from management on recent 'Islamophobia' opinion piece

An article was published March 13 titled “Islam's flaws cannot go unnoticed in discussing the term 'Islamophobia.'” The photo attached to the story was taken during Islam Appreciation Week.

At The Daily Cardinal, we encourage diverse opinions and take columns from people with a variety of backgrounds. However, we have standards in place that all content should be well-written and argued, whatever opinion it may be arguing for. Those standards were not upheld in this article.

First, the photo for the story was used without the knowledge of the two people in it, who did not wish to be associated with the article. Use of the photo is permitted legally because it was taken at a public event, but the photo has been removed out of respect for those in the photo and because it should not have been attached to this article given its very different context.

Second, the argument of the article was ill-informed and irresponsible in discussing Islam. The writer of the piece used a misconstrued definition of “Islamophobia” as the basis of the piece, and proceeded to make an argument that was inflammatory and oversimplified. It does not reflect the views of the Cardinal.

We cannot express how sorry we are for its publication. Speaking for The Daily Cardinal as a whole, it should not have been, and as a staff we are discussing how to prevent situations like this in the future. It is highly unusual for us to redact a piece following its publication, therefore the piece does still remain on our website with a brief note at the beginning.

To those hurt and rightfully offended by this piece, we apologize. Further comments and concerns can be directed to edit@dailycardinal.com.

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