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Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Midterm mood boost

Exams are once again here in full swing on our frostbitten UW-Madison campus. This pressure mixed with the icy weather can bring even the truest of optimists down. But guess what—you don’t have to feel this way. There are always little things anyone can do for a break and an instant mood boost to keep your energy high and your motivation higher.


This tip is definitely a no-brainer; I can almost feel my keyboard judging me as I use it as a tool to type this tip. Everyone knows that working out is one of the best ways of improving your mood, but that doesn’t mean it’s not good to be reminded. You don’t have to do anything crazy; don’t go and try to lift 300 pounds if you have never lifted weights before (unless you already do that regularly, then good for you). Try something fun and pressure free. You don’t even have to leave the house, just put on your favorite music and search workout routines on YouTube. There are endless possibilities and you’re bound to find one you will enjoy.

Create your study ambiance

That’s right — it’s time to take your textbooks on a date. Light some candles, or maybe go get some coffee together. You don’t need to be crouched in a dark corner for eight hours to study. If you make your environment more comfortable you will probably be able to study for longer, and get more done. Lighting your favorite scented candle can do a surprisingly good job of improving how you feel. Scent is closely linked with emotion, so you can use this to your advantage when you’re trying to control your mood. If you don’t like to study at your place of living, go somewhere where you like the scent. Love the smell of coffee? There are plenty of cafes here for you to choose from. Enjoy the smell of garbage? Go see a doctor. Something may be wrong. The important thing is to find your best environment for studying.

Distract your mind

This one only works if you’re truly committed to stopping yourself after however long you think your break should be. Distracting your mind from thinking about the stress you feel or your exams can be a really reenergizing break from studying. By this I mean watching a video, playing a game on your phone or even having a short dance party with your friends (or by yourself). Just taking some time for yourself where you’re not thinking about school is important. Remind yourself you are more than how well you do on any exam and in any class, take it in, then go back to studying.

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