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Blank emphasizes importance of international education

Image By: Katie Scheidt and Katie Scheidt

UW-Madison Chancellor Rebecca Blank highlighted the university’s efforts to broaden students’ cultural perspectives while at school in her most recent blog post.

According to Blank, Nov. 14 marks the start of International Education Week, a week to emphasize the benefits of global education and to encourage students to become more active participants in an “increasingly global society.”

“All disciplines have international and cross-disciplinary implications that include opportunities for reciprocal learning and exchanges between campus and international communities,” she said.

Blank cited examples of UW-Madison’s successes at improving international education for students. She also said the university has been recognized for being a school that has produced a high number of Peace Corps volunteers and students studying abroad, as well as a diverse faculty from across the globe.

“Being an active participant in the global community by sharing knowledge and building partnerships drives the Wisconsin Idea and affords new opportunities for students, faculty and staff,” she said.

UW-Madison’s commitment to international education will help students be better equipped at working with those with different cultural backgrounds, according to Blank.

“Appreciating perspectives other than our own helps us understand one another better and interact more effectively with people from throughout the world,” she said.

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