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Thursday, September 28, 2023
Valentine's Day isn't just about couples in love. 

Valentine's Day isn't just about couples in love. 

Dear Single People: A guide to finding love on Valentine's Day

As Valentine’s Day inches closer, a familiar divide emerges between people, recognized by either the excited or spiteful reactions to aisles of pink and red candy.  

There is so much to love about this day, even if you’re single (trust me, I would know). 

Although commonly misinterpreted in media, Valentine’s Day is about single people just as much as it is devoted to couples. 

Single people rolling their eyes at every couple that passes on this joyful day isn’t going to help anyone. And it wont make anyone feel better, will it?

Instead of trying to sabotage what others have, we should celebrate the love that exists around us. No one ever said that Valentine’s Day is exclusive to couples, even though Nicholas Sparks may say differently. 

Learn not to mourn over what you don’t have, but instead celebrate what you are blessed enough to be surrounded with already—friends, family and their support. 

Valentine’s Day is about embracing the love you have and adding more love to the world. 

While you might not be receiving the world’s most beautiful bouquet of red roses or a delicious box of chocolate, you are certainly capable of giving others what they want to receive.


Giving is much better than receiving. You will never realize how truly empowering and influential love is until you learn how to give. 

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Write your crush an anonymous letter, hand out roses to strangers, volunteer, forgive someone, buy a meal for a homeless person, commit to a random act of kindness…the list goes on. 

I assure you: you will sense the presence of love and joy that radiates from within yourself and others more than ever before.


Loving yourself is just as important as loving others. This Valentine’s Day, find ways to fall in love with yourself. 

Go on a daring adventure, do that thing on your bucket list you have always wanted to do or buy yourself that thing you’ve been lusting after for years. 

My point is, take the time to feel your emotions, embrace your desires and find something different to do. 

Perhaps this way you will start to find the strength and courage to not only accept, but to appreciate every beauty and flaw within yourself.


Fall in love with the idea of love. Take the time to reflect on the idea of love and to redefine it in a personal way. 

Learn what inspires you and what keeps your world spinning. Find your source of happiness and become someone else’s. 


If you find yourself at a loss when Feb. 14 rolls around, ask yourself not only what you may enjoy, but what love you can give to others:

1. As you stop for a hurried dinner on State Street, buy something extra and give it to a homeless man or woman on your way home.

2. Pick a movie you’ve been wanting to see and just go—no need to wait up for friends. 

3. Relearn a hobby from your past: Make time to draw, paint, read or run again.

4. Around dinner time, make extra portion sizes and share your meal with your roommates.

5. Call, FaceTime or handwrite a letter to a family member (or a close friend that has become like family).

6. Indulge in something sweet, whether it’s from an overpriced bakery on State Street or a Walgreen’s box mix. Bonus points for sharing with friends.

7. If it’s not too cold, explore the city of Madison. Take a new route to your favorite hang-out spot, or try a new coffee shop.

8. Put together a “care package” for a friend that goes a school other than UW-Madison. Think of things you would enjoy receiving and mail the goodies out in a cardboard box. 

9. Find a new opportunity to volunteer. Start by looking at student organizations or a non-campus organization that is in need of more volunteers. 

10. Find small ways to get lost in culture. Immerse yourself in a new book, movie, TV show, nearby museum or podcast. 

Once you have tried a few things from the list or created your own ideas, make it a habit to immerse yourself in the beauty of love—make every day your very own Valentine’s Day. 

A random act of kindness can extend both to others and to yourself.  Before you know it, you will find yourself no longer staring bitterly at seemingly heaven-sent couples. 

It is possible to learn to find love both within and outside yourself. It may even be greater  and more true than Nicholas Sparks’ novels or a glorified, couple-centric romance.

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