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Saturday, October 23, 2021

Taking notes on taking numbers: A Single Girl Column

You meet someone at a party. You get to talking and start thinking to yourself, “Wow, this guy is funny and interesting and would you look at that, I’ve been standing here for a half an hour without talking to anyone else... sure hope my friends are still here because I really haven’t been paying attention to anything but this awesome conversation.” It feels good and right and you don’t run out of things to say and you know that out of all of the people in the room they chose to talk to you.

But there’s always that awkward moment before you leave where you find yourself thinking “Am I ever going to talk to this person again in my life? Because I sure hope so...” But then your thoughts are interrupted by the classic question that provides a glimmer of hope, “Can I have your number?”

Of course you answer YES (while trying to tread the fine line between interested and over-eager) and you leave the party feeling happy and full of life. For once in your love life, it seems like something, ANYTHING is on the brink of happening. And even that little possibility is enough to ignite an excitement in you that makes it difficult for a smile to leave your face for the rest of the night.

Every time your phone buzzes the next day, you half expect it to be a text from them. But in reality, that isn’t usually the way it plays out. If you are lucky, they will text you the next day and ask you on a date and the rest will be history. If you are unlucky, you will find their name in your contacts a few months later and be like “Who the hell is that?” because you never heard from them again. But if you’re really unlucky (and if you are me) you will have them in class and spend the entire semester trying to decide if you should acknowledge one another’s presence.

More often than not, I feel like the “Can I have your number?” situation usually ends up falling on the unlucky side of things. And I really don’t understand guys’ logic on this one. I’m sorry, but WHY did you ask for my number if you never had ANY intention of using it? Is that just where your master plan ends? Do you just want to prove to yourself you can get my number? If that’s the case, that is one sick game the college male population needs to stop playing.

Look, it’s not like I’m expecting every guy who asks for my number to call me up and ask for a date, or ask for my class schedule so they can deliver me Starbucks (although note for the guys...this one is every girl’s dream), but I am expecting something. I just thought you were an interesting person and one I’d like to talk to again and I figured you felt the same considering YOU were the one who asked for MY number. Now I’m going to have to spend time overanalyzing the situation with my friends to try to search for a reason that you deemed me “Not worth talking to.”

I’m quickly figuring out this is part of the single girl college lifestyle. The dating game sure was easier back in high school.


The Single Girl

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