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Friday, May 17, 2024

Bush's lies destroy lives

This summer our country fought a war, battled terrible economic conditions and dealt with one of the worst blackouts in history. Yet, the most compelling event was greatly overlooked.  




Our president and his colleagues lied to the world about the nuclear threat Iraq posed through their purchase of radioactive materials from Nigeria. Why did this pressing international issue seemingly receive less national media coverage than the Kobe Bryant case? 




Remember the last time a president lied? The Clinton sex scandal is still fresh in everyone's mind, and part of that is because of the media circus that ensued after he was caught in a lie. You could not watch the news without getting the latest on Clinton's personal life. 




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It is disturbing this country cared more about the president's sex life than the government's use of forged documents to make war with Iraq seem necessary. 




The president lying about his sex life doesn't affect me or anyone else. But the when the president blatantly uses false information to convince our nation to fight a war it affects not only the economy but the lives of American and foreign soldiers. It is no wonder nations are becoming disturbed by our arrogance. 




Perhaps one should place less importance on learning every detail of Clinton's sex life and focus instead on our current leaders use of forged documents to commit our country to a war that has made us hated throughout the world. 




I heard one talk radio show host claim that after Clinton lied, there was no way we could ever trust him again. On the other hand, the host continued, President Bush's use of false information to start an unnecessary war to further his own political agenda was \just part of the political game."" 




Perhaps what is most unsettling is that this current situation has not exploded into what Clinton's foolishness did, and it is because our government's actions were used to persuade our country to fight a war. This was not a lie used to cover up a personal mistake, it was a lie that put American lives at risk and cost us hundreds of billions of dollars in a time of economic recession. 




Although Clinton's lies under oath rightfully brought him under scrutiny, his actions only made us the root of jokes in the eyes of friends and enemies. Bush's lies, however, made us a root of destruction and death. 




The bigger issue other than Bush's lies is that our priorities as a nation seem to be out of line. We should be more concerned with international relations and having a politically aware population than stories that resemble tabloid garbage.  




I look forward to the day when the majority of our nation's citizens have enough political awareness to be outraged by what has happened lately, but we seem to be moving in the wrong direction. 




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