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Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Success in Iraq may lead to new wars on terror

While domestic support for President Bush is likely to hinge on the success of U.S. military efforts in Iraq, the way he handles the situation after the fighting is over will have much more of an impact on our international standing. In addition, it wouldn't be surprising if Bush decides to use military action against other  ogue"" nations if the Iraq campaign is successful. 




Although the process our country went through to start this war with Iraq is disagreeable, I am certainly not against removing Saddam Hussein from power. Although we lost a lot of support from a number of nations that have been our allies in past wars, one can't help but think some are better off without Saddam in power. One of the keys to appeasing those nations that disagree with U.S. actions, and even American citizens opposed to the war, will depend on whether or not Bush and his administration will successfully rebuild Iraq. 




The majority of Americans may be most concerned with how quickly the war progresses, and rightfully so, since our brave troops are risking their lives for their country. However, many other countries are more focused on what's going to happen next, and that is the issue I can't stop thinking about. 




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I have found myself grappling with a lot of concerns and talking with a lot of people about what lies ahead for America. Will we display a genuine interest in rebuilding Iraq? Will we be able to heal our damaged relations with the countries that disagree with our military tactics? How will the outcome of this situation affect Bush's re-election chances? What about the U.S. economy? 




While all these post-war questions are of great interest to me and many of our foreign friends and enemies, the key question a lot of people are wondering is this: Who's next? President Bush started us on the path of eradicating terrorism by dismantling Afghanistan and searching for Osama bin Laden, and it doesn't seem that he's going to be finished after Iraq and Saddam Hussein. 




President Bush was able to gain American support for this war because we know of the dangers Saddam Hussein and the terrorists his country harbors. But can that be said about other countries Bush may have in mind? North Korea is certainly a viable threat, but each war the Bush administration wages in the future will probably have less support and much more vigilant opposition. 




We must wonder when it will all end. The list of countries that disagree with our foreign tactics seems to grow continuously, and I am sure there are other countries that are harboring terrorists with a strong dislike for America. Will war continue to be our method of stamping out terrorism, or will diplomacy take over once American casualties begin mounting? 




All of these future considerations are just as important as the war with Iraq. This is the main reason I wish our country had more success in gaining a higher level of international support. I have been criticized for placing too much importance on what other nations think of us, but in my mind their opinions are critical. It seems to me that while we are eliminating enemies through military force, we are creating more enemies through our very aggressive methods. 




The popularity of President Bush and foreign attitudes of America will become increasingly prevalent in the near future. I sincerely hope that our country's leaders are deeply pondering all aspects of these important questions, and that none of them will be ignored in our future plans.  




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