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Dealing with nostalgic feelings throughout college

I’m not sure whether it was the few days of glorious spring weather we had last week, or the fact that it recently hit me that I am in fact halfway through my freshman year at UW-Madison, but lately the thoughts that have been dancing around in my mind as I daydream in class have been making me extremely nostalgic. READ MORE

My first time at Open Mic Night

Every week on Wednesdays at 8 pm at Der Rathskeller in Memorial Union, an eclectic group of students and community members alike gather to witness the greatness that is Open Mic Night.


Midterm mood boost

Exams are once again here in full swing on our frostbitten UW-Madison campus. This pressure mixed with the icy weather can bring even the truest of optimists down.


Spring break workout ideas

Everyone that is going on spring break this year has one thing on their mind: their beach bod. Whether it’s Europe, Central America or the Wisconsin Dells, everyone wants to be looking their best for ...