Frankie Cosmos creates an atmosphere of love, openness at High Noon Saloon

Frankie Cosmos' High Noon Saloon performance on Sunday promoted affirmation and kindness, creating a sense of happiness and community among the crowd.

Image By: Emma Ryan

When I think of Frankie Cosmos, I think of simplistic happiness and honesty, which is exactly what the Sunday night show at High Noon Saloon embodied. The raw yet sweet lyrics that characterize Frankie Cosmos created a sense of togetherness, love and community, and the kindness that reverberated throughout the building was something I think only Frankie could create.

The show began with a set from the first of the two talented openers, Nice Try — a two-piece band from Bloomington, Indiana. The lead singer’s soft voice accompanied by heavy drums and bass was comparable to Girlpool; they were a great opener for the atmosphere of the show. After Nice Try was Ian Sweet, a Brooklyn-based trio, though only the lead vocalist/guitarist Jilian Medford played on Sunday. Medford had an infectious stage presence and powerful vocals, single-handedly crafting emotional performances with only her voice and guitar. The tune “2soft2chew” ended the set with raw honesty.

When it came time for Frankie Cosmos to begin her set, the singer/songwriter, Greta Kline, hurried onstage with the other members of the now four-piece band — comprised of Kline, Lauren Martin, David Maine and Luke Pyenson. The band immediately fell into “Young,” a song about the uncertainty and insecurity surrounding the age that nearly everyone in the crowd was — the early 20s. This song helped Frankie do what she does best — create an atmosphere of love and openness in a crowd. Her soft and wavering voice accompanied with the honesty of her lyrics created a sense of community and happiness in the venue, which really describes the act of Frankie Cosmos altogether.

This euphoric togetherness and honesty continued throughout the show, in which both of her albums, Next Thing and Zentropy, were showcased. Nearing the end of the show, Kline introduced what she described as a “love song,” playing “Outside with the Cuties.” As she sang the lyrics “I love you,” she pointed at herself, and the crowd cheered. Affirmation and kindness, themes always prevalent in Frankie Cosmos’ work, sum up the whole concert. These values echoed throughout the building, creating the perfect atmosphere in which to listen to the raw and honest lyricism that is Frankie Cosmos.

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