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The meter’s almost up on current moped parking laws

A new city law that takes effect in January will change where mopeds can be parked in Madison.

Image By: Cameron Lane-Flehinger

Moped drivers in Madison probably won’t be revved up for a new city law changing where the vehicles can be parked.

In an attempt by city council to clear the way for pedestrians, moped users will soon not be permitted to park on public terraces or sidewalks. The ordinance, passed last month, will take effect Jan. 1.

The new law, however, does not leave moped owners without a place to deploy their kickstand. Citizens will be allowed to request Moped Parking Areas on the terrace in front of their property. The locations will then be listed onto the City of Madison’s website as they are established.

Mopeds will also have permission to be parked at any legal on-street parking space. Due to the small size of these vehicles, the city will allow for up to three mopeds to park in one standard metered parking space and provide metered parking spaces at half the hourly rate of a standard space.

Extra moped and motorcycle stalls are being considered for the State Street Campus Garage in accordance to the ordinance change and the demand for moped parking that it will bring.

Parking Enforcement officers will be leafleting mopeds with pamphlets that describe these changes, permit options and parking options to spread awareness before this ordinance change goes into full effect. 

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