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SSFC questions Sex Out Loud, GUTS eligibility for funds

Student Services Finance Committee Representative Max Goldfarb called the Greater University Tutoring Services eligibility hearing a "slam dunk."

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Over the last year, Sex Out Loud underwent many changes, according to Program Coordinator L.J. Alexandre-Strong.

Much has changed since they last went before the Student Services Finances Committee. Now, 50 percent of Sex Out Loud’s staff is comprised of new employees, they have fired a budget coordinator, have received increased program requests and the group has been before Student Council for violations against staff workload rules.

SSFC representatives and Sex Out Loud presenters briefly addressed what Alexandre-Strong called an “unhealthy office environment,” created by a former staff member and the policies of their oversight committee standards.

However, SSFC Chair Jordan Gall quickly ended this line of questioning as it did not pertain to the group's eligibility to be a General Student Services Fund group — providing the campus community with a unique service not available to students elsewhere.

With a year far less tumultuous than Sex Out Loud, Greater University Tutoring Services has been around since 1974. Representative Max Goldfarb called the group’s pending approval a “slam dunk.”

Last year GUTS asked for a 5 percent decrease to their budget but increased their programing. Co-directors Vivian Burnette and Nancy Herrea told The Daily Cardinal that this is because GUTS is very conscious with their funds because the funds are student dollars.

Both groups told SSFC that their services were essential and unique to students. Sex Out Loud’s presentation cited sex-positive counseling and pleasure education while GUTS' cited more than 500 volunteers, conversational English tutors and presence in dorms, dining halls and libraries.

The council will officially vote on the group's future as GSSF groups Thursday evening.

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