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New caucus of young lawmakers aims to close partisan gaps

State Reps. Amanda Stuck, D-Appleton (left) and Adam Neylon, R-Pewaukee, (right) are the heads of a new millennial caucus created to work across the aisle on modern issues.

In an attempt to end partisan divides and craft policy on technology, entrepreneurship and other areas, Democrats and Republicans under the age of 40 created a “millennial caucus” Wednesday.

Lead by state Reps. Amanda Stuck, D-Appleton, and Adam Neylon, R-Pewaukee, the “Wisconsin Future Caucus” will try to break the “generational” gap that sometime exists on partisan issues and modern technological innovations.

The goal is to use millennials’ expertise in issues to find new solutions for economic and technology issues, such the development of self-driving cars and robotics.

“A lot of expertise exists in the younger generation that grew up with different knowledge and a different experience base than previous generations,” Neylon told The Daily Cardinal. “We need to identify those issues areas that have extra experience and try to find consensus in those areas.”

The creation of the caucus follows a national trend as part of the Millennial Action Project, a national organization that has created similar caucuses in 18 different states.

By working with millennials in Wisconsin, lawmakers hope to unite leaders in the younger generations in the state to work together beyond partisan lines.

“Some of the social issues that have defined politics for a long time are not as much an issue with millennials, things such as diversity, things that have really divided parties for so long,” Stuck told The Daily Cardinal.

“There’s an opportunity to focus on newer, emerging issues than some of the traditional ones that have divided people for so long,” she added.

Neylon agreed in the potential of the caucus, believing that people “should not be discouraged by what’s going on [in the current partisan political climate]. Millennials have the potential to change the world for the better.” 

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