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A taser, a hair pull and a ‘fat loogie’: Struggle at Cheba Hut leads to arrest

A 19-year-old pulled a taser on two Cheba Hut employees Tuesday after they attempted to kick her out of the late-night eatery. 

Image By: Cameron Lane-Flehinger

A Madison teenager was arrested late Tuesday night for pulling a taser on two Cheba Hut employees after they attempted to kick her out of the sandwich shop.

R’Mani D.S. Norman, a 19-year-old, became belligerent and attacked the employees, repeatedly biting one and pulling the hair of the other, according to a Madison Police Department incident report.

The situation began when the employees booted Norman from the restaurant after she refused to leave the restroom she was occupying along with a male companion. Norman then made a scene, throwing racks of potato chips and newspapers and yelling.

When the employees followed the suspect outside the restaurant, she proceeded to “hack a fat loogie” in one of their faces, according to a witness. Norman then pulled out a “taser type weapon” while pulling the hair of the other employee.

Eventually, one of the employees was able to subdue the suspect until the police reached the scene.

Norman was arrested for possession of an electric weapon, battery and disorderly conduct.

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