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21-year-old woman choked near campus, loses consciousness

A woman was choked on the 600 block of University Avenue Friday morning.

Image By: Katie Scheidt

A woman was choked to the point of losing consciousness near campus early Friday morning.

The woman, a 21-year-old Madison resident, was standing with friends on the 600 block of University Avenue when a man approached them and made conversation, according to a Madison Police Department incident report. After a short interaction, he attacked the victim, “placing both hands around her neck while shaking [her] head.”

The suspect originally made contact with the victim and her friends when he attempted to “photobomb” a picture they were taking, according to the report. Afterward, he informed the group that his clothing was very expensive and that he was rich. Apparently to prove that point, he then threw two $100 bills and other cash into the air.

When one of the victim’s friend’s picked up some of the bills, the suspect informed her that he wanted the money back. Even though the friend gave back the cash, the suspect “became enraged,” the report said.

He then allegedly proceeded to choke the victim until she had passed out. When the victim regained consciousness, she left the area, along with her friends.

The victim did not contact police immediately, and MPD learned of the incident hours later. They are attempting to identify a suspect.

Police did not reveal any demographic information about the alleged perpetrator.

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